2 visions! A unique experience!

Imagine for a moment that you are in the footsteps of the first explore!

Artificial lights off, go on an authentic journey through time accompanied by your guide and with the flare of your carbide lamp. On your return, modern lighting will  reveal all the beauties of this extraordinary mineral universe!

A visit shaped by emotions and contrasts, enriched by the story of the great human adventure experienced by the first explorers  and arrangers of the cave.

Everyone, grab your lamps!

Experience an original odyssey through the flames of yesteryear’s and today’s lighting.  Retro atmosphere guaranteed !

After the prehistoric grease lamp, after the fixed candles into cavers hats, it is accurate to say that speleologists owe their  success to the  quality  of lighting instruments. The carbide lamp has been their trusted companion, bringing them the needed light, and warming them when the cave was getting too cold.

The experience we offer enables you to use this ancient object that accompanied generations of explorers and workers, in a more recreational setting.

Learn more about the carbide lamp

This activity is not a daily activity and takes place on specific slots in the early evening (see below in “Booking”)


  • Adult : 22.90€
  • Children (14-17 years old) : 19.90€
  • Children (-14 years old) : 16.90€


  • Suitable for all ages. Except for toddlers.
  •  Duration of the visit : 1h40
  •  Language of the tour : French
  •  Materials provided : acetylene lamps. Child under 14 with an electric caving helmet
  • Temperature : 14°C, summer and winter


Booking required (number of places limited)

  • By téléphone : +33 (0)4 66 85 03 28 ou +33 (0)7 87 39 06 24
  • Or online below :

Please check that the content of your reservation (date, time, quantity) corresponds to your order.
Non-refundable, non-exchangeable tickets.