To benefit from the reduced pricing via online reservations, please ensure that you possess one of the offers from the list below and that it is still valid. The day of your visit, justification of your offer will be asked at the reception in order to validate your reservation and apply the reduced rate. If no justification is presented, complementary rates will be applied to access the site.

Reduction is valid for the owner of the card and their family, with a limit of 6 people.


  • Visite Passion
  • Conso facile
  • Reducavenue
Partnerships with Business Committees (upon presentation of membership card)
  • Carte Cezam
  • Tourisme Loisirs ANCAV-TT
  • Carte CLAS
  • Pass CE – AD 30
  • Carte COS d’Alès
  • Carte CNAS
  • Carte avantage MGEN VYV
  • Carte Winwin Sport
  • Carte No Limit
  • Carte NGE
  • Carte agent CPAM du Gard

Partnerships with Tourism Networks

  • Gîte de France – Pass Loisirs
  • Offre Ticket Malin
  • Club des Sites Touristiques (upon presentation of the participanting club’s ticket)
  • Guide Sites d’Exception (upon presentation of stamped guidebook)
  • Guide du Routard

Partnerships with Offices of Tourism

  • Pass Pays de Cèze
  • Bon Plan Pays d’Uzes Pont du Gard
  • Pass VIP Office du Tourisme Ganges
  • Pass Cévennes +
Other Partnerships
  • Carte Privilège (offered by partnered hosts (campings, gîtes, hôtels….))